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Dráma Scanrúil
Gaeilge + Drámaíocht

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"Gaeilge agus Drámaíocht fite fuaite" is a new and successful programme for children in primary school. It focuses on children learning to speak Irish through the use of drama in the classroom.
It's an inovative and fresh approach that ticks all the aims/ aidhmeanna and objectives/cuspóirí ginearálta as laid out in Curaclam na Bunscoile,Gaeilge.
It's quite unique in that the children gain in confidence both in their ability to speak 'as Gaeilge' and their understanding of drama also grows and develops.
More about this amazing programme here.

Welcome to the Drama.ie.

Drama.ie focuses on Drama Education for all. Drama Education is an amazing and wonderful arena to explore new and exciting ideas, feelings and situations so as to come to a better understanding of them.

I'm a Drama Education Practitioner working mainly with primary school children but Drama Education is there for any person or group, in any place, who wishes to learn in an
aesthetic way.

Joseph Campbell inspired

An Ordinary Hero's Journey is a classroom drama (in 12 stages) first devised in 2011 for 6th. class. A process drama that took place over three months (x1 hour per week). The children used their imaginations to come up with their own 'ordinary hero' or central character for their drama and they brought their character to life. Their character then moved through the 12 stages of the 'hero's journey' - inspired by Joseph Campbell's book: "The Hero with a Thousand Faces"

A Drama Circle in 1 min.
This was possible after an initial planning process with the pupils and some practice sessions.
Surprised ?
  • What surprised me was how outgoing and adventurous some people were.

  • I surprised myself by using my imagination into a little play

  • That some people can open up and do it and are more interesting than shy.

  • I was interested in the talent of a lot of classmates in drama.

  • That I'm not the only one who doesn't like to do stuff in front of people.

  • How to act without laughing and drama isn't just about plays.

  • That a lot of people were very nervous.

Questions asked of the 6th. class pupils at the end of their year doing drama and their answers.
What is drama in the classroom all about?
  • For me, it is about having fun while learning new and exciting things.

  • Interacting with friends and classmates and getting to know them better.

  • I think drama is about using your imagination and coming up with a good storyline.

  • For me, drama is about having fun and enjoying the experience, but not taking it too far and messing.

  • Learning how to act and having fun..... I would tell 5th. class, they are in for a real treat.

  • Drama in the classroom is all about learning how to co-operate.

Questions asked of the 6th. class pupils at the end of their year doing drama and their answers.
An Ordinary Hero's Journey: A Drama in 12 stages
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