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Domino Debate

Debate Drama is inspired by Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O.).  Forum Theatre is a fundamental element in T.O. and often regarded as an adult activity and as practised in India it can even become a political movement. The audience in Forum Theatre are invited to become on the spot participants of the theatrical storyline posed. The participants willingly join in with the actors as issues of concern to them are raised in the theatrical forum.

Debate Drama has been devised mainly for 10 - 15 year old pupils in school. Using some of the techniques of T.O., such as, Image Theatre, Forum Theatre & rehearsal methods.

Starting Debate Drama

Step 1:
Debate Drama starts with a simple issue of concern for pupils of that age, e.g. 'bossyness'. Its easy for the pupils to strike two poses, one of 'bossyness' and its opposite 'the reluctant, O.K I will'. This image (as in Image Theatre) can then interpreted with many different senarios by pairs of pupils. Esentially two points of view on opposite sides: a debate!
Step 2:
One or two of the storylines that the pupils themselves will have picked and posed will become 'hot' - keen interest from the rest of the class. The pupils' storyline will usually involve parents v child (getting 'bossed').
Move now from this 'hot' paired image with its senario to a 'domino debate'.
'Domino debate' is 4 pupils on one side of the image representing let's say 'the parent's viewpoint' and 4 pupils stand on the other side of the image representing 'the child's viewpoint'. Each pupil placing a hand on the shoulder of the person to their side or in front clearly shows which side of the debate they represent.
Each pupil in turn, one side then the other, now gives a single statement of how their viewpoint in the senario is correctly held. (i.e. 8 statements only).
Step 3:
Now other pupils may join in, keeping one viewpoint then the other, and they also are only allowed make a single statement.
Domino debate done!
Step 4:
Now pick another 'hot' storyline with its 'bossyness' & 'reluctant' image and another domino debate begins.

Nota Bene: In the interest of fair play, keep to each pupil only getting one go (for each topic) and only allowed say one sentence each.

Note: Its the 'Dad' (sitting) that has the remote control in this senario.
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