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The Sweetest Fig
My Story Book Project
Story Theatre combines Drama, Literacy and Storytelling into one Creative Writing project. Click to find out more.
Girl Guides Performance Badge
A Performance Carousel of Fairytales using Image Theatre.

In Story Theatre people of any age relate their story through the medium of drama.
Drama happens within a group, small or large. Story Theatre is particularly suited to those who are non-actors (everyone really) be they in any group in the community including school classes. Story Theatre truly is ‘drama for everyone’

People relating their story through drama take an enjoyable journey. The journey of the story can be simple and extremely short, taking just a one or two hour session, or it can be long and complex, lasting over weeks or even months, depending on the groups needs at the time.

Story Theatre is layered and structured giving the participants a worthwhile and engaging experience that resonates with their group. People using Story Theatre experience playfulness combined with focused collaboration and communication. Story theatre is an enchanting experience for all its participants.

A Performance Carousel of Fairtales using Image Theatre.
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